But Wait…


What the hell are you reading? I’m wondering the same thing. Blogs annoy the shit out of me.  They’re like those obnoxious Christmas letters you get from family you never knew you had explaining, in painful detail, every. freakin. unnecessary. aspect of that stranger’s life. Oh, great to know that Aunt Jemimah is recovering from her bout with dysentery and that Cousin Jimmy isn’t as inbred as we thought. Except, ON A MORE REGULAR BASIS BECAUSE IF THOSE LETTERS WEREN’T BAD ENOUGH ONCE A YEAR YOU GET TO READ THIS AS OFTEN AS I POST. BUT… I’ve been told often enough that my life is interesting to warrant sharing and after several recommendations I’m starting a blog (the winning comment goes to a kayaker: I love reading your facebook. I look at your wall… that girl, she enjoys life. Thank you sir, I try and I did do.)

Soooo… here and there you’ll find a little of this and a little of that. And I’m pleased to say that I will be taking up art again! Which means you’ll see some of that too. This last month I thought surely to God it’s dead for sure this time… it’ll never get back up. That’s like a horse being hit by a train… it ain’t never gonna race the track again… Seabiscuit is DAYD (dead with an awkward accent). I started a piece for the first time in years that actually felt good, that felt purposeful. But in response to recent events that pieced died a terrible death before its completion and I thought it killed the spark entirely. How pleasant to be wrong… again. I still find a desire to create. Aw, look at that; a little tragedy never hurt anybody. Before you know it I’ll be like Van Gogh, gifting my ears to people – wait.

Expect a lot of river crap too. Lots and lots of river crap. And chickens too… just expect a lot of everything that makes me, me.

But in other news, I went snowboarding for the first time and I’m hooked. New drug. I totally need it. MMM!!! They said I took to it like a duck to water and started grasping some harder concepts by my 4th time down the mountain (hell if I know… all I know is it’s fun but my ass hurt). AND EVEN BETTER… I apparently ride “goofy duck” stance. AWESOME RIGHT? HAHAHAHA Bought a gorgeous board from a friend, a K2 Mix and she has such a warm heart! She gave me so many goodies with the board! God bless you dear!


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