The Old…

Ladies and gents, my mind is working at 10,000 rotations per minute which is very stressful and very exhausting. For that reason I need something to distract my frantic thoughts. So, until I get back into the swing of drawing more often, here’s a collection of some of my older pieces that I love. Enjoy!

I Am the Canary

Super personal piece painted during a very dark time in my life. It came with the excerpt:

She’ll fly away first chance she gets, or die trying; unstoppable. Clip her wings; she’ll exhaust herself for an escape but run naked into the world; defenseless. Put bars against her eyes, she’ll bash her body against the steel; bloodied and furious. Tether her leg, she’ll chew through sinew and bone for the sweet ecstasy of freedom; reckless.  Break her soul, teach her blindness, destroy everything she once was. She’ll sing mournful songs of desires long dead, for it is all she knows; hopeless. I am the canary; will you not sing with me?

Mmm… I remember the pain like it was yesterday but it’s been quite a long while now.

Someone paid me to paint this piece. I don’t remember the details. I lost the original.

Two very quick paintings, spent about 45 minutes to an hour on each. The first one is entitled Love. Don’t remember the second.

I love this piece. It’s a portrait of a Shamo cock (rooster, dickwads!). The symbol at the top is the Japanese word Shamo, which translates to warrior. I love these birds. They’re incredible, intelligent, beautiful. It’s an honor to own and breed them. The males can reach 3 feet tall and stand completely vertical. Their eyes point slightly forward and they interact with their handlers. I’ll tell you, it’s a unique experience to have a 3 foot tall bird stare you right in your eyes, it’s pearl-gold eyes deep and potent with pulsating pupils fluctuating in size as it thinks thoughts you’ll never know.

The Predicament

I genuinely hate talking about what a piece symbolizes to me. You should deduce your own meaning. But this one definitely holds strong meaning to me. It’s the last piece I painted before I let a dream die. Mmm… that was a painful moment. This piece means so much to me that sometimes I find myself talking to it. Ha.


First thing I painted in… three years? Meant a lot to me. It’s quick and sloppy, but I was going to make a hand drawn copy. Unfortunately it took on the aura of another and now it’s attachment is dead. But I see how I can make it me again. I’ll change it in time. Maybe I’ll finish the piece. I want this on a tattoo on my ribs.

More to come in time!



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