My Super Sweet I’m-Not-Gloating-At-All Kayak Paddle

Soooo… I seriously am not trying to fish for compliments, I realize I’ve uploaded these pics on basically every site I know of; not cause I’m trying to brag… but only cause I keep losing the picture/don’t have access to it and I get a fair amount of inquiries so I like to be able to readily… conduct business. SO… this is my custom painted paddle, painted by… yours truly. If you’re thinkin, “wow, I’d love a custom blade!” I determined $80-100 per blade surface is fair, and that can vary, mostly by the intricacy of the design. For this paddle, each blade took about one day. It holds up great. A year later only the edges and the part where the shaft bulges have suffered wear, but the design is still visible in these spots, only faded.

More to come! I’m about to pimp my kayak (super sick design! I’m so stoked!) and repaint my guide stick, and I’ll be messing with carbon here hopefully soon so that’ll be a new material to add to my hobby resume.


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