It’s Pretty Cool

The adrenaline rush is pretty cool, but aside from the obvious thrill and sense of empowerment in the adventure itself, the spiritual and symbolic aspect of the sport is what draws me in deeper and deeper each time. The sensation, the absolute sense of pathetic weakness, the realization of exactly how small and how weak the human body is as its thrashed and churned and torn apart in a hole and cries for air, the brief and desperate second that a prayer is uttered silently to thank God that helmets come in Kevlar with the pound of protected skull on solid rock and later recollecting the force as the scar is admired, the scurry of frantic bubbles on cold skin in darkness, the dance of the waves and flying above and through them, the fleeting moment of the second at the top of the horizon and how different the world looks as one embraces their own mortality in the fury and the roar, the harmony of chaos and forward progression…

This guy gets it.

Of Souls and Water… totally worth watching all five episodes: The Elder, the Warrior, the Shapeshifter, the Mother, and the Nomad… each is pretty inspirational! Which do you relate?


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