Traverse Creek

Traverse Falls

Traverse Creek is a seasonal creek located outside of Placerville, CA. The falls are runnable and forgiving, and tower 30 feet in height. The hike in is treacherous and difficult.

The creek runs when everything else is flooding. So, naturally, there’s a lot of moisture everywhere… including the silty mud… which makes for a ridiculous walk. There are two parts where you will find yourself required to continue with the assistance of ropes. When you reach the falls, it can be run pretty much anywhere, but the proposed line is river right just left of a small eddy. Supposedly there is debris to snag you on river left, but my friends have seen it at bone flows and have yet to spot any metal hazards. And to sugar coat it further, you can run this thing any screwed up way and be okay… I fell off sideways the first drop down. Aside from a bitch slap to the face and a dislocated thumb (which I was unaware of until I got home and accidentally relocated it when I pulled my boat down), the poorly placed fall was harmless.

Check it! Traverse is AWESOME!


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