What We Do For Fun

What happens in South Lake when me and my chums are bored? We drink a little. And drag a kayak to the top of the steepest hill we can find. I have a give-or-take 10 minute long dissertation from Mac, pre-snoyak, on how we will die and how awesome it will be, all filmed on my GoPro. That’s left out to save you his slurred shenanigans… but at some point it may surface – edited and shortened, of course.

So we have our sober friend drive us to the popular sledding spot, which, after a sufficient lack of snow, had melted and refroze: your standard icy death slide. The death slide, coupled with gravity made for some… memorable… scars. As you can judge by the fact that it took no time for me to jet off like a cracked out gazelle, the hill is much steeper than the video appears. We all ate it. Mac’s crash is forever imprinted on my memory as one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life thus far. I almost peed.


  1. “Alright, I got this.”
  2. “Oh God, I’m not drunk enough for this.”
  3. “MY LIFE.”
  4. “I just took out this tree!”
  5. “I think I broke my thumb!”
  6. “OH YEAH. This boat is a CHAMP.”


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