Pink Mermaid

She said she worked at the public pool in Ketchikan and that she introduced herself to children with the claim that she was a mermaid. She had dyed her hair pink some time before and grown her hair longer since, so that only the edges were pink and the color had begun to fade. When kids doubted she was a mermaid, questioning why she didn’t have a tailfin, she explained that she was trapped as a girl until her hair grew pink again and that she was already halfway there. The kids were enamored.

Maegan was a beautiful soul (and still is… I can’t decide if it’s appropriate or not to write in past tense!); one of those rare gems that make all the ugly things in the world seem insignificant. She believed in right in the face of wrong, had no trouble walking away from something that didn’t fit in her world, and loved to love and share her warmth. If magic exists, it exists in her.

There are times when you talk to Maegan and she gets a little crazy eyed, so that her gums peel back and the whites of her eyes protrude a little furhter… it only makes her more splendid. In those moments you feel her energy fully radiating out, and I like to think that it’s all intentional… that she has to open her eyes and mouth a little wider to let the emotions be felt by the universe. She can tell you how she’s “pretty much homeless,” and suddenly you feel yourself struggling to make ends meet or worrying about food; or she can tell you how precious one of her misfit students is, and suddenly you feel beeming pride for a child you’ve never known. She can talk of love, of laughter, of beauty, of fear, of loss: all these essences, fair or tragic alike, radiate through whatever she is expressing at the time so exquisitely. Like I said, she’s full of magic. And it’s fantastic.

What I found most intriguing about Maegan, was that despite how vivacious she lived life, she was incredibly grounded. By that I mean… there’s me, I live a colorful life as well but you feel my energy because I overwhelm you with it, a lot like a small dog. I become the emotion at the time and those around me feel it through sheer intensity. Then there’s Maegan: Maegan is Maegan no matter what happens, she feels the emotion without being consumed by it and exudes it. She’s like a vessel for life experiences and an incredible supporter at the same time… an incredibly true and beautiful human being. And the best part? You only get to experience this wonder from her if you’ve earned it. If she doesn’t respect you, she will offer politeness as necessary, but she’ll be a rock before you, willing to extend her sympathy for you as a human being and whatever plight you may be enduring, though there will be no magic in her presence.

Long story short, Maegan is a unicorn. Deal with it, haters. And I’m pretty blessed to know this woman.



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