Mexico City

Erik sent the message that he had grabbed our things left behind in Mazatlan and was nearing Mexico City. What ultimately took us three days only took him one… must be nice not having to worry about tipping a motorcycle. We were still preparing for a long drive to Mexico City and Mexico City itself.

As one of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City is a concrete jungle and maze of poorly built streets. It takes hours just to enter and leave the city. Like New York, the city consists of several districts which are pretty much cities unto themselves and offer their own flair and history. At the center rests Zocalo, the oldest part of the city. Zocalo was once a prominent Aztec temple. Long before Mexico City was even a thought, the temple was built atop a swamp buried by the Indians. In this temple, it was standard to sacrifice virgins to their gods. A good friend of mine, Fernando, informed me of the history, adding that they found the temple by accident as it had long ago sunk into the earth and had since been excavated and restored. He also insisted that if he lived back then he would have saved the virgins because he’d say “they’re not virgins anymore, no good for sacrifice.”


I find it ironic that just beside the ancient ruins is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen, also slowly sinking into the earth.

Zocalo Church

Slowly sinking

South of Zocalo is the Coyoacan district, another old portion of the massive city. Coyoacan translates to coyote and statues of two ‘yotes fighting can be found all throughout the old district. It boasts cobblestone streets, amazing mercados with all sorts of unique merchandise, delicious restaurants, fortune-telling canaries with overgrown toenails, mimes and performers, beautiful architecture, and historic parades celebrating the Virgin Mary and Christ. One can feel the age of the city as they run their hands across the old house walls, some still possessing the original wooden doors wide enough to allow a horse carriage entrance to a gated courtyard. Another bonus: they have beer other than watered down light Mexican beer, and we enjoyed quite a few with cricket tacos. Yup. Cricket tacos. They’re surprisingly tasty… but it was game over for me when I arrogantly chose the largest cricket whose barbed legs embedded in my throat.

You see that dark one to the right, that big SOB? Yeah... that one was mine.

You see that dark one to the right, that big SOB? Yeah… that one was mine.

I made Jason and Fernando finish the rest.


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