The Tail End of the Journey

For some reason I completely lost interest in writing about the UK. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but… it just lost it’s flair! I’ve fallen behind, and I’ll summarize the journey and add the pictures, but there will be no play by play. In Glossop, England, I stayed with an incredible couple who changed my life with the simplest words. Well traveled, the pair are a source of great inspiration. Simply put, they reminded me that while tomorrow is certainly no guarantee, the chances are high. And I had put so much effort into the present that I had neglected other aspects of my life: my future and the long term goals that follow such. Not that I had by any means adopted the atrocious phrase “YOLO” as my motto (though if anyone deserves to shout it, it’s me), but I certainly was living day to day with regards to time as one would live paycheck to paycheck. Time can most certainly be invested, and I had invested none. Thus, in Glossop, I opened an account in time, and began chasing approaching my future with flawless balance between present, lessons learned, and futures to be dreamed; a lesson that took roughly five years to learn. It was, of sort, my graduation that I had abandoned years earlier when I learned that I was learning nothing in college. At that point I more or less kidnapped a young Texan who was in my shoes years earlier. Freshly renewed at existing in harmony in time, I felt like his nomadic Yoda, and he joined me for a bit before parting ways.


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