Oh hey Bears

We’ll keep this one short, as I’m really just writing it in appreciation for the amazing staff at AWCC.

If you’re looking for something to do in Anchorage, let’s face the facts: Anchorage sucks. It’s an ugly city with an ugly crime rate and miserable people (though there’s some cool museums and great food). Take the opportunity to get out. And upon your escape further south, lies the small town of Girdwood (unfortunately tainted by the stain of a corrupt resort, Alyeska… and don’t get me started on how much I hate that place) and just outside is the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

AWCC does rescue right. It’s a small place, but it gives you the chance to see the animals in their natural habitat: not locked in small cages with no privacy. It’s far from a zoo. But with that in mind, don’t go expecting to see everything up close. At AWCC, the animals have the opportunity to get away from you, to play, to rest in privacy, and to explore their enclosures. They ALLOW you to see them when they want.

The pastures for the animals are beautifully organized and your entry fee can be seen directly at work. Each animal has a story and it’s told on the walls. And the staff? SO FRIENDLY! So rightfully proud of their efforts.






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